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To challenge and enhance the way businesses leverage high-end expertise

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Extend your team with consultants on time and material

Scale with proven experts selected to be the very best in their field.



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Power up with a dedicated or managed team to help you build, develop and execute your projects.


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Let’s manage your services

Leverage tailored Managed Services that fit your specific requirements and needs.

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Empowering businesses with expertise

It all starts with your unique challenge. Through listening and constructive dialogue, we strive to understand your situation, adapting to your changing needs and priorities with expertise that fits your objectives.

We are emagine, and we hear you.

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IT and technology are at the core of our business

Infrastructure & Operations


#Cloud #IT security #Network #DevOps #Support #Database #Virtualization #Service Management #Storage Administration

BI, Data Science & Analytics


#Data Science #Big Data #Business Intelligence #Data Visualization #AI & Machine Learning #Data Engineering #Data Analysis

Test & Quality Assurance


#Test Management #Technical Test #Test #Frontend Test #SAP Test #Test Coordination

UX, UI & Visual Design


#UX Design #UI Design #Graphics Design #Concept Design

ERP, CRM & Software Solutions


#Microsoft #SAP #Oracle #Salesforce #Calypso #Simcorp



#Infrastructure #Cloud #Data #Solution #Application #Enterprise

Web, App & Software Development


#Frontend #Backend #Fullstack #Mobile #CMS #ERP #CRM #DevOps #Mainframe #Cloud #Database

Project Manager, Advisory & Organization


#Project Management #Change Management #Advisory #Compliance #Business Management #Technical PM #Interim Management #PMO

Agile Methods


#Scrum #SAFe #Agile Coaching #Agile PM #Epic Owner #Technical PM #Release Train Engineer

Nearshoring as a Service

Nearshoring as a Service

Tap into Polish IT expertise

With emagine’s nearshoring as a service, you gain access to a fully scalable development department in Poland, allowing you to profit from the large volume of highly qualified IT specialists that Poland has to offer.


emagine’s Nearshoring as a Service gives you access to a flexible development department in Poland, which is tailored to your needs.

Client module


The client module: A free add-on solution for clients

As an emagine client, we offer you free, unlimited access to our online client module. The module gives you complete transparency and a full overview of your consultant usage.


Client cases and

Client cases

Project case: constructing high-voltage transmission networks in Germany

emagine Germany has been a partner to significant electricity transmission companies through various projects. Ensuring safe and continuous energy supply to their customers.

Anders Bjerkestrand
Client cases

Eika Gruppen: emagine gives us additional development capacity

Eika Gruppen is the financial group in Eika Alliansen – a significant player in the Norwegian financial industry – has chosen emagine as one of their regular suppliers of IT expertise.

Flemming Kirkskov
Client cases

Santander Consumer Bank: Quick access to the IT consultants that match our needs

Santander Consumer Bank has made a strategic decision only to work with suppliers who can provide IT consultants of the highest quality – both nearshore and locally. Emagine falls into that category.

Henrik Buchholt Bach and Gunri Kallsberg Ellefsen
Client cases

SDC: Nearshoring is a strategic priority

SDC has achieved the desired scalability with the current production apparatus in Poland. Our Polish colleagues are highly skilled. They take pride in a job well done. They’re here because they want to make a difference. And their work testifies to that, SDC says.

Lea Gustavsen, Global Head of IT, Danish Refugee Council
Client cases

The Danish Refugee Council: It was surprisingly easy to get started with nearshoring

With emagine as a supplier, we have established ourselves in Poland quite quickly. Now we have access to IT specialists we haven’t had success recruiting here in Denmark.

Sebastian Norling
Client cases

DPOrganizer: Nearshoring is the necessary flexibility for a start-up

DPOrganizer quickly realized Poland’s massive potential as a Nearshoring destination. The IT developers are very skilled and take tremendous pride in their work.

How we work

Enabled by a network of high-end experts

We work proactively with our network of freelance experts, allowing you to benefit from a unique inner circle of quality-assured experts.

A systematic approach based on objective processes and verifiable data lets you rest easy, knowing that our proven consultants are chosen among the best in their fields. You will not receive random CVs from us or have benchwarmers placed in your projects. Instead, we select the proper expertise and customize the right teams for your unique challenge every time.

We know our consultants.

Asian woman looking at the camera

A proactive approach to our network of freelance experts, allows you to benefit from a unique inner circle of quality-assured experts.

ProData Consult’s nearshoring as a service gives you access to a fully scalable development department in Poland.