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Six easy optimizations to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

In this article, you will learn six straightforward tips on upgrading your LinkedIn profile quickly and efficiently – these changes might just make all the difference.

LinkedIn is one of the leading platforms to market your professional profile.

If you haven't been achieving desired results in your online search for projects and gigs, it might be due to an underdeveloped profile that recruitment specialists overlooked. You want to make a lasting impression.


Aesthetics matter

Social media is a commercial for your life – in business terms, it is a promotion of your brand.

No matter what industry you work in, it is important to maintain an appealing visual presence online, which entails everything from attractive images to quality grammar (it pays off to double-check).

Put effort into writing a catchy and memorable description of yourself, all while staying concise and in line with your work. Professional photos likewise drastically improve first impressions and point to professionalism – we encourage you to invest in this aspect of your profile.


Specify what you do

As a freelance consultant, you are effectively the CEO of your own business. Therefore it can be tempting to flourish your profile with titles such as CEO, CTO, CIO, or similar flattering abbreviations.

While it does sound imposing at first glance, it does not help you get contacted regarding a new project – far from it. These types of titles cannot give an idea of what you do best.

Instead, it would be better if you focused on bringing out the role in which you are a master.

Emphasize your role in the title of your profile. Clear and concise language will help draw the attention of recruitment specialists, who search for common role names.


Use English

Even if your native language is not English, it is recommended that you use English titles. Use the English role names – it will expand the pool in which recruitment specialists dabble, therefore increasing your chances to be found through those searches.

Stand out with a professional photo on LinkedIn

Stand out with a professional photo on LinkedIn.

State that you are a freelancer & available

You want to stand out from the number of permanent employees who share your title. You can also use an external or independent consultant. If you are looking for new projects or know when your present contract will end, make sure to communicate it.

There is nothing wrong with indicating that you are available and ready for new jobs. Specify that you are available, what type of project you are looking for, and any geographical preferences. Presenting that you are open to work will also make potential inquiries more relevant.

Examples of common ways to demonstrate your availability could be:

        • open/available for assignments
        • ready/looking for new opportunities
        • hashtags, like #opentowork #available
        • or use a standard frame "opentowork"

Display references and experience

Spend time and energy on a description of your previous projects. Only stating that you’ve been working for your own company for the past decade will not be enough; even jotting down the bare facts of the client / title / time-frame you’ve worked with will be insufficient.

Descriptions of your projects should be more detailed. They do not have to be an extended essay. 5-6 short and precise points on your responsibilities in the tasks will be enough.

Consider your LinkedIn profile as an extension of your CV.

Ensure a credible coherence between your experience and the skills you emphasize in your summary and your competence section. Again, use standard terms when stating your role, technologies, platforms, etc.


Maintain an active presence

Finally, none of the above will work if you neglect your online presence on LinkedIn. The prerequisite for all given advice is for you to want to use LinkedIn actively to market your professional profile.

Engage with your connections, expand your network & celebrate achievements – it can only benefit you.


These are six easy gains – you can use them today!


  Spend time and energy on a detailed description of your previous projects.


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