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Billing works perfectly

Tthere has been a perfect match with the projects I’ve done through emagine.

Louise Gewecke Kristiansen - Denmark

Louise Gewecke Kristensen

Found a six-month project.

Things moved fast. I sent a CV on Monday and was called in for an interview a week later. On my way home from the interview, ProData Consult called to tell me it was a match.

Three or four days later, I started on my very first project as a consultant.


Solved my greatest fear

My greatest fear as a new consultant was that I would have to get out there and sell myself, which I wasn’t interested in. Due to my affiliation with emagine, I don’t need to because they’re established in the market and have an extensive client database. Another advantage is that billing works perfectly.

A perfect match

My primary motivation for becoming a freelancer was that I wanted variety.

Now I have the freedom to choose the projects I’m most interested in: transition and deployment. Of course, sometimes you only have a choice in theory because you can’t afford to wait for a more exciting project. But so far, there has been a perfect match with the projects I’ve done through emagine.

Louise Gewecke Kristensen


  Another advantage is that billing works perfectly.

Louise Gewecke Kristiansen



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Mateusz Dudkiewicz, Cloud Engineer

emagine promoted me and my work, not only as a consultant in front of their client, but as a market professional with various achievements in the IT field.

Consultant cases

Jakub Gutkowski, ETL Developer

My cooperation with emagine has been very easy and professional since the beginning – they provided a clear project offer, as well as quick answers to all kinds of questions I had (I like to ask as many as possible).

Roy Johansen in an office environment
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Now I can choose exciting projects

While changing jobs, Roy became familiar with emagine and the possibility of becoming an independent consultant. Now he thinks the best thing about being a freelancer is deciding which tasks and projects he gets to work on.

Przemyslaw Panczyk developer
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emagine is professional every step of the way

My cooperation with emagine has been well-organized. During the whole process, they handle the administrative work. This makes starting and focusing on the job you are hired to do much more manageable.

Louise Gewecke Kristensen
Consultant cases

Billing works perfectly

There has been a perfect match with the projects I’ve done through emagine and billing works perfectly.

Steffen Jørgensen consultant
Consultant cases

A match made in heaven

This partnership with emagine is a perfect fit for me, as I become visible to their entire portfolio of clients.

Cathrine Nagell
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From CEO to preferred business expert

After many years of permanent employment, Norwegian Cathrine Nagell wanted to try her hand as a consultant. It was the start of a new career as a business consultant, legal and management expert and project manager.

Jakob Kjøller sonsultant software developer expert
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I am presented with cool projects and great clients

You have to be of a particular breed to achieve success. There is no fixed formula for a successful expert, but some common qualities can be found. Read about the key personality traits that indicate an excellent consultant.

Niels_Erik Jørgensen
Consultant cases

emagine helped me realize my dream of going freelance

I chose emagine, and they helped me realize my dream. Because they know the client’s needs and can easily match consultant profiles with suitable assignments.