emagine is a leading
European IT, business
and engineering consultancy

400+ full-time employees and 4500+ consultants on contract.

Who we are

emagine is present in ten countries and has 24 local offices.

emagine Consulting A/S

emagine is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has activities in nine European countries and India.

emagine Consulting A/S
Sydhavnsgade 16
2450 Copenhagen

Danish VAT number: 26249627

Annual reports

2021 demonstrated the robustness and resilience of the Company

The company achieved double-digit organic growth in all core markets in Northern Europe.

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  Trusted by leading companies since 1989


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Ensuring quality, security and compliance in all processes

emagine invests intensively in security initiatives in compliance with international regulations. We are proud of the quality of our delivery and continuously strive to ensure quality, security, and compliance in all our processes.

We strongly focus on responsible personal data processing, ensuring that we integrate data subject's rights and information security into all aspects of our processes.

Information Security
ISO 27001 Afnor

Afaq ISO 27001 logo

Environmental management:
ISO 14001 – ISO5001 integrated

Qvalify ISO 14001

Quality management:
ISO 90001

Qvalify ISO 9001

IT Operations:
Revi-it ISAE3402 Operations

Revi-it ISAE3000 GDPR

Investor relations


emagine A/S is owned by the private equity company Axcel and by a group of senior staff and board members.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Marika Fredriksson

Marika Fredriksson

Christian Bamberger Bro

Christian Bamberger-Bro
Deputy chairman

Søren Rode

Søren Rode

Petra Jenner

Petra Jenner

Christoffer Müller

Christoffer Arthur Müller



Executive Group Management

Anders Gratte

Anders Gratte
Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO)
info@ emagine.org
+45 43 43 11 71

Jean François Bodin

Jean-François Bodin
Group Chief Commercial Officer (GCCO)
Jean-Francois.Bodin@ emagine.org
+33 1 41 92 56 60

Lars Bloch

Lars Bloch
Group Chief Financial Officer (GCFO)
lbl@ emagine.org
+45 43 43 11 71

Jan Wolf

Jan Wolf
Group Chief Operation Officer (GCOO)
jws@ emagine.org
+45 43 43 11 71

Claus Flinck

Claus Flinck
Group Chief Governance Officer (GCGO)
cfl@ emagine.org
+45 43 43 11 71

Jesper Diget

Jesper Diget
Group Chief People Officer (GCPO)
jdi@ emagine.org
+45 43 43 11 71

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